How To: Using CoreAVC on Linux for fast HD video playback

CoreAVC is a fast proprietary codec for decoding H.264/AVC video. It enables low-end systems to play videos without any lag, present in other decoders.

Step 1: Preparing for installation

    1. First of all, remove any existing MPlayer installations. On OpenSuSE this can be done by:

zypper rm MPlayer

  1. Next, install the dependencies for MPlayer by

    zypper si -d MPlayer

  2. Install wine

    zypper in wine

Step 2: Install dshowserver

  1. Install CoreAVC. You will need a licensed copy to get beyond this step.

    wine CoreAVC-Setup.exe

  2. Download the source:

    svn co coreavc-for-linux
    cd coreavc-for-linux/dshowserver

  3. Compile and install:

    make && make install
    sudo cp “$HOME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/CoreCodec/CoreAVC Professional Edition/” /usr/local/share/dshowserver

  4. Verify whether dshowserver is installed correctly

    dshowserver -c

    should show something like:

    Starting wine
    No id specified, assuming test mode
    Using default width for 1280
    Using default height for 720
    Using default fourcc for 0x34363248
    Using default outfmt for 0x30323449
    Using default outbit for 12
    Using default GUID for 09571a4b-f1fe-4c60-9760de6d310c7c31
    Opening device (port is 0)
    len: 992
    ProductVersion: 2.0.0
    fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (0x8c): stub
    fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (0x90): stub
    Decoder supports the following YUV formats: YUY2 UYVY YV12 I420
    Decoder is capable of YUV output (flags 0x2b)
    Setting fmt
    Initialization is complete

Step 3: Install Mplayer

  1. Download the source:

    cd ..
    tar xvjf mplayer-checkout-snapshot.tar.bz2
    cd mplayer-export-*

  2. Patch the source:

    patch -p0 < ./mplayer/dshowserver.patch

  3. Compile and install. Grab a cup of coffee while it compiles, it takes a few minutes.

    ./configure && make && sudo make install

Step 4: Final steps

Copy this codecs.conf to your $HOME/.mplayer/ directory.

Test out playback with

mplayer -vc coreserve

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How to study at IIIT @ Rs. 100

Last year’s recession and this years budget have left a big hole’s in people’s pockets. So, here I (thanks to Sanrag) bring to you a once in a lifetime opportunity to study at IIIT-H for Rs. 100.  (Of course, if you are a heartless monster, you can pay Re. 1 and still get away).


You must be an “abroad” student (or get a Camouflage passport) and Fire{fox,bug}


1) Fill up the main form. The form field at bottom is edited by Firebug.

The “form input sanity check” which is done by Javascript, is also bypassed, so empty fields work.

Step 1

2) After clicking on next, you are redirected to the payment page


4) Final step, enter your details and get ready for admission in IIIT.

PS: Although there is supposedly a “criteria” for admission, but knowing IIIT, you will surely get admission.

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My reply to Prof. Sangal’s post

If you have not already read the post, The Al-Qaeda of Jeevan Vidya,  by Rishabh and Prof. Sangal’s reply to that post, Prof. Sangal’s reply to “The Al-Qaeda of Jeevan Vidya”, then I suggest you read them first because my post is a direct response to Prof. Sangal’s reply.

1) You’ve mentioned four conditions that were laid before you chose human values. I don’t remember the content of Jeevan Vidya shivirs, and though I’m sure you can prove that it satisfies the conditions, but that is no means to measure the success. Satisfying the conditions is only the theoretical aspect, I may say. Today, if I look at Human Values from a practical part, I dare to say that it has failed to capture the interests of the IIIT student masses and thus, is not successful.

2) JV probably doesn’t preach us to do things. I don’t remember. It tells a thousand things during a week’s shivir, any normal person is bound to like a few of them. That is, by no means, a measure of JV’s success. Many of the things discussed in JV are already known to the person, and if he has already chosen not to apply them in his life, then there is no use preaching these things to him.

3) I think the philosophy of “open source” is grossly misunderstood here. An open source concept is open to modification, something which I’ve not seen in JV. The negative feedback from the student masses has been floating around ever since JV was introduced, and the feedback is always more negative with each passing year.

I wouldn’t classify JV as a religion, for a religion makes us believe things without understanding. JV is a cult. A cult that everyone in IIIT is being “forced” to follow. I still use the word “force” because of the changes I have seen in IIIT over my 3.5 years of stay – changes like compulsory washing of plates, owl and lark separation of students (and changing course timings in such a way to force them to be more lark like), forcing canteens to close at midnight. No wonder, the hacker culture has very much disappeared from IIIT. Everything comes at a cost.

4) The concept of compulsory courses stems from the stream (in our case, computers or electronics) a person is studying in, and it is the UGC which decides what goes into the list of these courses. Humanities courses are separate from these “core and compulsory” courses.

I agree with your idea of a broad course structure requiring humanities, but my main conflict here is with the current HSSM courses being offered in IIIT-H. There is no breadth in the courses being offered in the Humanities stream. Rishabh’s earlier post about this, discusses these issues in detail. Humanities is as vast as area as is computer science, and limiting students to very similar options by offering such courses is akin to an illusion of choice because after all he has to complete his degree.

PS: Not that I hate anonymous comments, but if you’ve a hate comment to add, then do not do it.

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Kulbir needs an intervention

Do you know that his videocache plugin caches only one version of the youtube video? That means if someone has seen a low quality version and they want to see the higher quality version – they can’t.

We (I, Rishabh and Sanrag) went to his lab to force him to fix that.

Now the list of WTF’s

1) He sits in CIE (Center for Internet Explorer).

2) His working notebook:

3) And more:

4) His room too houses Microsoft items – another keyboard and a mouse to be more specific.

5) His software works true Micrsoft style – does not do what it’s supposed to do.

All these proofs have led us to believe that Kulbir is a secret agent for Microsoft and he uses Linux as an undercover operation. You’ve been warned – don’t trust him.

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How to piss off a MS fanboy

Situation: Me and the MS fanboy were chatting about some random stuff and as usual were not in agreement.

MS Fanboy: Sucker !

me: Sure

Whatever gives you pleasure

MS Fanboy: Right now…closing this chat window

me: Be my guest

MS Fanboy: wtf !… u opened it again… biatch

me: Why don’t you try the “block” feature instead

MS Fanboy: Why don’t u just stop pinging me instead of suggesting alternatives

me: I will do what I wanna do shithead, you do what you can to avoid me

MS Fanboy: **sighs**

Arrogant Ppl !!

me: It is better to be arrogant rather than been an irrational sucker

MS Fanboy: Unfortunately… u r both !

me: As I said, whatever suits you

MS Fanboy has signed off.

(At this point, I was blocked)

PS0: The Internetz for the one who guesses the MS fanboy.

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