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How to study at IIIT @ Rs. 100

Last year’s recession and this years budget have left a big hole’s in people’s pockets. So, here I (thanks to Sanrag) bring to you a once in a lifetime opportunity to study at IIIT-H for Rs. 100.  (Of course, if you are a heartless monster, you can pay Re. 1 and still get away).


You must be an “abroad” student (or get a Camouflage passport) and Fire{fox,bug}


  1. Fill up the main form. The form field at bottom is edited by Firebug.

The “form input sanity check” which is done by Javascript, is also bypassed, so empty fields work.

Step 1

  1. After clicking on next, you are redirected to the payment page

Step 2

  1. Step 3

  2. Final step, enter your details and get ready for admission in IIIT. Step 4

PS: Although there is supposedly a “criteria” for admission, but knowing IIIT, you will surely get admission.