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How to piss off a MS fanboy

Situation: Me and the MS fanboy were chatting about some random stuff and as usual were not in agreement.

MS Fanboy: Sucker !

me: Sure

Whatever gives you pleasure

MS Fanboy: Right now…closing this chat window

me: Be my guest

MS Fanboy: wtf !… u opened it again… biatch

me: Why don’t you try the “block” feature instead

MS Fanboy: Why don’t u just stop pinging me instead of suggesting alternatives

me: I will do what I wanna do shithead, you do what you can to avoid me

MS Fanboy: **sighs**

Arrogant Ppl !!

me: It is better to be arrogant rather than been an irrational sucker

MS Fanboy: Unfortunately… u r both !

me: As I said, whatever suits you

MS Fanboy has signed off.

(At this point, I was blocked)

PS0: The Internetz for the one who guesses the MS fanboy.