The IT crowd

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…. is an awesome sitcom. 18 episodes of pure humor. If you have not seen it yet, go get it and watch it. And now, a true incident that happened today (inspired by The IT Crowd, of course). I happened to go to the server room today. JP: We are, izzin, having some issues, izzin, with the faculty mail server. It’s, izzin, giving input/output errors, izzin with the disk, izzin. Read More...

The not-so-late post exams post

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I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but with each passing semester I feel less inclined towards ‘studying’. This time, I didn’t even bother to do any pre-preparation for the exams (yeah, there was a time I used to do that) and just prepared for the exams at the moment. And what do you do in an exam in which you’re totally blank? Think of answers like this: Compilers: If you were purchasing a compiler, what five features would you consider important? Read More...

The One Who Beat Santa Singh

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During the last few days, me, Ejaz, Saransh and others have been reading like every joke on SantaBanta and there was this one joke that we started asking others as a question just for fun. The joke is: Interviewer: Tell me five ferocious animals you can think of? Santa Singh: 3 Lions and 2 Tigers. So, whoever we asked, came up with the most interesting set of members of the cat family (is cat family so damn scary? Read More...