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The not-so-late post exams post

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but with each passing semester I feel less inclined towards ‘studying’. This time, I didn’t even bother to do any pre-preparation for the exams (yeah, there was a time I used to do that) and just prepared for the exams at the moment.

And what do you do in an exam in which you’re totally blank? Think of answers like this:


If you were purchasing a compiler, what five features would you consider important?

….. It would be a plus point if the compiler is free, instead of having to purchase it.

(I was about to write a propaganda about free software, but then thought better about moving on.)


How will you make a vending machine that accepts notes as currency. Draw a diagram to explain your process.

Diagram? You got it! Drew a vending machine and wishing I had brought colors. ☹And at the end of the flow graph, guess what? A stick figure drinking a cola!


What do you understand by PVC? (I actually lol’ed while writing this 😀 )

PVC is a plastic. It is synthesized and synthetically manufactured. It is used for covering network cables (to prevent them from getting cut).

Next exams: Write answers in poetry! 😀