The One Who Beat Santa Singh

During the last few days, me, Ejaz, Saransh and others have been reading like every joke on SantaBanta and there was this one joke that we started asking others as a question just for fun. The joke is:

Interviewer: Tell me five ferocious animals you can think of?
Santa Singh: 3 Lions and 2 Tigers.

So, whoever we asked, came up with the most interesting set of members of the cat family (is cat family so damn scary?) – cheetah, lion, tiger, leapord, jaguar and besides that, crocodiles, bears – and for heaven’s sake – I heard someone even said cockroach!

Last night, while going to Dominos, I asked the same question to Sanrag.

Answer: Five lions.

I bow to you dude.


You pwn even Santa Singh.

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16 comments on “The One Who Beat Santa Singh
  1. abhimanyu says:

    its ur turn dude….
    balle is also coming for u lol 😀

  2. sunanda says:

    hahaha 😀

  3. Sanrag says:

    Hey… u r defaming me… !@#$
    n btw I said 5 Tigers… not 5 Lions 😛

  4. Vinushree says:

    lollzz 😀

  5. gaganpreet says:

    @Sanrag: Sorry, my lord! 5 Lions it is! 😛

  6. Anshul says:

    lol.. 😀

    @Sanrag: Tujh mein bhi bahut ‘talent’ hain yaar… 😉

  7. Prakhar says:

    lolz… 😉

  8. Imanpreet says:

    LOL. Cool :)

    I wonder what you would have answered :).

    5 mouses?

  9. Sanrag says:

    Mice…. I remember your post on such an adventure… where according to Kshitij you were sitting on your bed out of fear 😛

  10. gaganpreet says:

    @Sanrag: According to Kshitij? 😛

  11. Sanrag says:

    hmm…refer to comments on that post….

  12. Ankur Pahwa says:

    cool man

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