zsh is really awesome

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A few months ago, I decided to try out zsh as my default shell. It’s very similar to bash, but is much more powerful. My favourite features so far: Shared command line history among all sessions. I usually have at least 4-5 shells open, and the command history being shared among them is awesome. Means I don’t have to hunt in which shell I typed that huge pipe command, it’s just available across all the shells! Read More...

How To: Using CoreAVC on Linux for fast HD video playback

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CoreAVC is a fast proprietary codec for decoding H.264/AVC video. It enables low-end systems to play videos without any lag, present in other decoders. Step 1: Preparing for installation First of all, remove any existing MPlayer installations. On OpenSuSE this can be done by: zypper rm MPlayer Next, install the dependencies for MPlayer by > zypper si -d MPlayer Install wine > zypper in wine Step 2: Install dshowserver Read More...

How to study at IIIT @ Rs. 100

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Last year’s recession and this years budget have left a big hole’s in people’s pockets. So, here I (thanks to Sanrag) bring to you a once in a lifetime opportunity to study at IIIT-H for Rs. 100. (Of course, if you are a heartless monster, you can pay Re. 1 and still get away). Ingredients: You must be an “abroad” student (or get a Camouflage passport) and Fire{fox,bug} Recipe: Fill up the main form. Read More...