The elusive bug

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(Note: This is something that happened earlier this year. A recent discussion reminded me that I should write about it and here it is) Symptoms The bug description wasn’t very helpful. The users couldn’t scroll on their Macs on this one website. Only on a few Macs, not all of them (for one, no one could reproduce this locally). Other operating systems (including iOS) worked fine for them. Other websites scrolled just fine. Read More...

Robot form submission – Part 2

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Ankit wrote a nice post about using Java to fill up a form, which is a FCFS allocation (can’t they just *provide* a quantity of good courses?). However, filling up the form can be simply done by a Firefox extension, Autofill forms; but what I would really like to do is be sleeping while the course registration goes on. 😀 Ingredients: Firefox, bash, curl, a bit of common-sense First of all, install two Firefox extensions – Web Developer and Firebug. Read More...

My dream laptop ;-)

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I was getting really bored so I decided to have some fun and went to Alienware and configure my ‘dream system’ 😉 . Just for fun anyway; here’s the configuration. I chose the Area-51 m9750 as my base system (with a cost of $2099) The graphics card: Well, this had to be the best, didn’t it? I chose Dual 512MB GeForce Go 7950 GTX (Yeah, that makes it 1GB 😉 and even Vista doesn’t support it right now. Read More...