Night-out adventures

All right! I’m out of hibernation, finally. πŸ˜€ I hadn’t planned to write anything till after exams, but anyway.

For the last 3-4 days, my room has had a new guest. A mouse. Roving around in the room as if it was its own personal property. Hell, it isn’t mine either, but at least I pay the rent. πŸ˜‰ Let me tell you firstly, that in general I don’t like mouses. (Another way of saying I’m scared of them πŸ˜€ ).

It was living off in the hole that was near the door which probably was quite spacious on the inside. Well, I could tell that because of the amount of the noise that thing made. Yeah, it made a lot of noise. Lying down to sleep after a day of hard work of trying to study (it’s exam time :-( ), just then it would start roaming around the room.

So tonight, I said I had enough of this. Hearing that it was outside of its hiding place, I declared an open war. I blocked its hole and opened the door waiting for it to get out. Well, it did go out :-) . Feeling victorious as I had just got an A grade in the EC exam (I got a C- though :-( ), I shut off the door. Just when I was about to lie down to sleep, I heard some noise. WTF? I just got rid of it now. Then I saw another mouse emerging from under Rishab’s bed (Can you believe that his side of the room is more worse than mine nowadays? :O ).

As this (brother, sister or wife?) mousie came out it ran for its life towards the hole. Tried to get into the hole for about a minute and when I gave up waiting for it move a bit so that I could open the door, I called Kshitij (Google Talk rocks πŸ˜€ ). But by then the mouse had scampered towards Rishab’s bed and had (probably) taken refuge under his bed. Kshitij slammed around with a juice bottle under the bed until he realised that it might be on the bed and it did turn out there. Found it in a knee-pant which he threw it away just missing the exit :-( .

Then for the final frontier put up by the mouse. It ran towards my bed and hid in one of my bag that was open. Again, Kshitij looked around (we didn’t know it was in the bag) until he gave up and I thought , “Hey let me get this bag out of the way, it might help the mouse hide.” I pulled it out and was about to shut its zip and Kshitij yelled.. “Hey its there”. Well, that’s pretty much of it. The mouse kingdom had fallen. πŸ˜€

A night-out of fun :-) .

PS0: New rules in IIIT suck. Why would a terrorist want to bomb the institute at 2 in the morning, I wonder? :O

PS1: No more PS’es. Gotta study now. :-(

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17 comments on “Night-out adventures
  1. kshitij says:

    The geek’s afraid of a RAT!! lol… :P…
    You should have looked at him. When I entered his room, he was sitting on his bed in a position which is pretty popular amongst most of the Indians ( for their morning activies :P, well i think i shudn’t go deeper into the the topic :), its a different one all together πŸ˜€ ), he was afraid of stepping down his bed… hahaha :P, as if there is some security problem in the OS that runs his body and he is looking for some security solution…lol ( i’m sorry, its only these kinda things that come to mind when it come to Gagan :P)…
    Anyways, coming to the point… I prefer keeping maself away from the blogging zone, but this smart ass wrote it very carefully while ending his blog. DUDE! Just accept it that the rat intimidated you like hell… :P.
    firstly, I never yelled ( for all those who know me,i don need to tell this… but then its a publim forum and besides, its a bloody rat, not even as large as my shoes probably :)… CUMMON !!!!). Secondly, Gagan opened the bag by mistake and he was the one who yelled and ran back. Thirdly, now this is important, it was me who patienly closed the bag( it was a suitcase), picked it up, took it out of the room, opened it and let the mouse to freedom… So it was me and only me who showed the bravery :D:D:D… Kudos kshitij :):D:D…

  2. gaganpreet says:

    Duh…. I was surfing when you came, if you remember. 😐
    I’ve a medal for you, will award you at the next prize distribution that takes place in IIIT. Fine? But then, I’m not entertaining any of your computer problems. πŸ˜›

  3. kshitij says:

    noooooo…… please don’t do this to me :P…
    I’ll take help from Sethia then and help in back in return πŸ˜› ( i hope i don’t get bashed up by Gagan after this :) , well who cares πŸ˜› )… And yea right! some prize distribution in IIIT and Gagan attending it, I should get a bigger trophy for that i guess πŸ˜› …

  4. kshitij says:

    “help him back in return” that should be :) … I apologise, I’m rather used to chat windows πŸ˜€ …

  5. gaganpreet says:

    Oh… We’ll see… There must be some problem which you won’t be able to solve. You can’t keep on reinstalling forever. πŸ˜›
    Besides, did I say I would be attending it? 😐

  6. kshitij says:

    I have started learning things though πŸ˜› , so it started with reinstalling it everytime I delete something imp , lol… And you said you’ll award me, that clear enuf i guess… πŸ˜› … Anyways lets stop this, its giving me a feel of the UG2K6 forum now :) … these people might scourge you for this, haha…

  7. Prakhar says:

    cool !!!!
    U R AFRAID OF RATS ???? πŸ˜›
    waise nice blog….. got me smilin al the way !
    waise yeh mouse mousie kitne din ke mehmaan the tere room pe ???

  8. the comments look more like a gtalk chat transcript πŸ˜›

  9. Sunanda says:

    hehehe πŸ˜€

  10. charvi says:

    lolzzz.. or i shud use the term u taught me.. rofl!!!… well i rem when a rat had taken refuge in my shoe.. and when i slipped my foot into it and could feel the quivering of the rat’s body.. ohhh man tht was shit scarry..
    @Kshitij : good job!!! πŸ˜€

  11. Tanmay says:

    Hehe a pretty entertaining blog…..a stress buster at the time of xams :D…..well i must say Gagan finally got his match when it comes to fighting back…..

  12. charvi says:

    @Tanmay : do u really mean a match..
    p.s. : Gagan dint fight back.. πŸ˜‰

  13. kshitij says:

    @charvi : thanks πŸ˜€
    @tanmay : Dude!! the rat is trapped in the dustbin which is kept opposite to your room.. shall i do something?? πŸ˜›

  14. Tanmay says:

    Hey be my guest…. but are you sure really want to pick up that dust-bin…. πŸ˜‰

  15. Saransh says:

    hehehe…well dats one more thing to what ej sayz…”OBHEB-full of viruses and bacteria n now mouse….or/and mousie too..:)”…
    @kshitij-well dne..still doin :)…tanmay thora bach k rehna..:P

  16. Saransh says:

    *well dat adds one……

  17. satya says:

    Hey… nice blog indeed…u r finally victorious….


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