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A chat transcript with an Anonymous Researcher (who insisted on being so), henceforth referred to as AR. 1:56 AM AR: there ?? we have a small problem me: Yeah Hmm? AR: there is a series called “The Unit” uske seasons 2,3 and 4 hain unfortunately season 1 nahin hai me: ye problem hai? 😛 AR: it’s a pretty good series… it’s a serious problem….. for research students you have no idea how hard it is to do research without good series to watch Read More...

Wireless drivers

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Q: Why do some people get mad while installing wireless drivers? Ans: Because they use Atheros chipsets and have to install madwifi. Courtesy: The one who pwns Santa.

A story long (really long) time back

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Now this specific guy, let’s call him Mr. X, was a bit high and this other guy, let’s call him Mr. Y, was bothered that X was blasting songs at a loud volume in the owl hours with the ITWS exam due the next day. Y goes to X’s room to tell him to keep it down. The conversation (would probably have) went something like this: Y: abe yaar volume kam kar le. Read More...