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The IT crowd

Go, watch it.

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How do I know I’m not living in The Matrix?

I had the same status message on GTalk for the last two days (stuck on some song). I was thinking of a new one to keep and I remembered this Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon asks the same question

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The not-so-late post exams post

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but with each passing semester I feel less inclined towards ‘studying’. This time, I didn’t even bother to do any pre-preparation for the exams (yeah, there was a time I used to do

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The One Who Beat Santa Singh

During the last few days, me, Ejaz, Saransh and others have been reading like every joke on SantaBanta and there was this one joke that we started asking others as a question just for fun. The joke is: Interviewer: Tell

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