How secure are Indian payment gateways?

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India has a dearth of good payment gateways – most have obsolete difficult-to-use APIs requiring days, if not weeks, to integrate. They require at least a dozen documents (most of them need them sent through post) before they even let you inside their walled garden. Additionally, gateways have complicated plans – depending on your initial spending budget you can get a deal for 3% or otherwise end up paying 5%. Of course, you can also haggle. Read More...

KWallet Security Analysis

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KDE 4.12 comes with a KWallet GnuPG backend, which is more secure. More info here, including how to move existing wallets. (Note: Tom Leek has written a more detailed analysis on StackExchange.) I started using KWallet a few months ago to stop reusing same passwords on multiple sites. Using KDE Wallet plugin for Firefox, I setup my passwords to be automatically stored in a KWallet file, which was the best solution I found for Firefox on Linux (other than Lastpass, but it stores passwords remotely and is closed source, which I don’t prefer when dealing with passwords). Read More...