The story of udemy-dl

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The recent takedown of the youtube-dl project resurfaced memories of a similar project, udemy-dl, that I worked on years ago. I also had to abandon the project due to a DMCA notice. In light of what happened to youtube-dl this felt like the right time to write about it. Beginnings Back in 2013 when I was starting off as a software consultant, I landed a project to build a desktop GUI application. Read More...

Adapting types to fix SQLAlchemy's "can't adapt type" error

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I have recently been using Pydantic a lot, which is pretty cool since it lets me specify concrete types on my previously untyped data. Until I ran into an error when I was inserting data stored in a Pydantic model to my postgres database using SQLAlchemy. Problem I have a Pydantic model like this to define my incoming data from a request: # Pydantic class class EventSchema(BaseModel): ip_address: IPvAnyAddress Another part in my code defined an SQLAlchemy model to persist this incoming information (along with other data not shown here): Read More...