Permission Denied

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Update: The problem is solved now, it was because the parent directory had the +i flag set. I ran into a weird problem today. I was cleaning up disk space and ran into a file that refused to delete. geekbox:/media/7/ # rm file.iso rm: cannot remove `file.iso’: Permission denied No problem, huh? Did everything I could think of: geekbox:/media/7/ # rm -f file.iso Permissions? **geekbox:/media/7/ # **chmod 777 file.iso **geekbox:/media/7/ # **chown root:root file. Read More...

How To: Using CoreAVC on Linux for fast HD video playback

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CoreAVC is a fast proprietary codec for decoding H.264/AVC video. It enables low-end systems to play videos without any lag, present in other decoders. Step 1: Preparing for installation First of all, remove any existing MPlayer installations. On OpenSuSE this can be done by: zypper rm MPlayer Next, install the dependencies for MPlayer by > zypper si -d MPlayer Install wine > zypper in wine Step 2: Install dshowserver Read More...

Wireless drivers

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Q: Why do some people get mad while installing wireless drivers? Ans: Because they use Atheros chipsets and have to install madwifi. Courtesy: The one who pwns Santa.