Fixing crackling audio on USB powered speakers and Raspberry Pi

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Powering USB speakers from Raspberry Pi I recently set up Mycroft (an open source personal assistant) on my Raspberry Pi. I bought a set of cheap speakers which run on USB power and plugged them into the 3.5mm output and the power cable to a USB port on the Pi itself. Right away I heard constant crackling noises coming out of the speakers. I figured I had a set of defective speakers but I could not reproduce this when I tried the same setup with my laptop. Read More...

Stripe CTF 3 write up

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Stripe CTF 3 finished a few days ago. The latest CTF focussed on distributed systems, instead of security. I have read about distributed systems but getting to develop one was a good learning experience. Unfortunately, it took me a while to solve the last level, and after the capturing the flag I didn’t have time to go back and optimize my code for the other levels. I will walk through my solutions here. Read More...