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The elusive bug

(Note: This is something that happened earlier this year. A recent discussion reminded me that I should write about it and here it is) Symptoms The bug description wasn’t very helpful. The users couldn’t scroll on their Macs on this

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Stripe CTF 3 write up

Stripe CTF 3 finished a few days ago. The latest CTF focussed on distributed systems, instead of security. I have read about distributed systems but getting to develop one was a good learning experience. Unfortunately, it took me a while

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How secure are Indian payment gateways?

India has a dearth of good payment gateways – most have obsolete difficult-to-use APIs requiring days, if not weeks, to integrate. They require at least a dozen documents (most of them need them sent through post) before they even let

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KWallet Security Analysis

KDE 4.12 comes with a KWallet GnuPG backend, which is more secure. More info here, including how to move existing wallets. (Note: Tom Leek has written a more detailed analysis on StackExchange.) I started using KWallet a few months ago

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QTreeView and custom filter models

I’ve been learning PySide which is an amazingly easy library to get into GUI development. For an application I was developing, I needed a search filter for some hierarchical data represented by QTreeView.  QSortFilterProxyModel is the default choice to add

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