Permission Denied

Update: The problem is solved now, it was because the parent directory had the +i flag set.

I ran into a weird problem today. I was cleaning up disk space and ran into a file that refused to delete.

geekbox:/media/7/ # rm file.iso

rm: cannot remove `file.iso’: Permission denied

No problem, huh? Did everything I could think of:

geekbox:/media/7/ # rm -f file.iso


geekbox:/media/7/ # chmod 777 file.iso

geekbox:/media/7/ # chown root:root file.iso

geekbox:/media/7/ # rm -f file.iso

rm: cannot remove `file.iso’: Permission denied

Filesystem problems?

geekbox:/media/7/ # fsck -f /dev/sdc2

7: 194131/31514624 files (0.3% non-contiguous), 119735268/126050006 blocks

Corrupted file?

geekbox:/media/7/ # dd if=file.iso of=/dev/null

7472920576 bytes (7.5 GB) copied, 302.342 s, 24.7 MB/s

Immutable bit set?

geekbox:/media/7/ # lsattr file.iso

————-e- file.iso

strace points me to this:

unlinkat(AT_FDCWD, “file.iso”, 0) = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)

I got my disk space back at least,

geekbox:/media/7/ # echo “” > file.iso

But now I’m stuck with a file I don’t know what to do with.

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2 comments on “Permission Denied
  1. Anshul says:

    Koi padha likha iski madad karo bhai! 😛

  2. Sankalp Khare says:

    the moment I saw it, i search for lsattr on the page. and you had done it.

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