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TV Shows

Inspired by Rohan, I too decided to make a list of the TV shows I have seen/currently seeing. And (hopefully) by the end of next three years, I will have caught up on him. πŸ˜‰ (The numbers in the bracket are the number of seasons seen).


  1. Friends (10/10) – It’s a good comedy, but the way people watch it over and over again makes me cringe.
  2. That 70’s Show (8/8) – I loved it, though it gets a bit boring halfway through.
  3. The IT Crowd (4/4) – Already a post dedicated to it.
  4. Happy Days (4/11) – I like watching old series, and seriously, The Fonz is awesome.
  5. Mind Your Language (1/3) – Gets very repetitive.
  6. The Cosby Show (8/8) – This is one show that gets better with each season, though it has does have its share of boring episodes.
  7. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (1/5)
  8. The Big Bang Theory (3/3) – Ranks next to The IT Crowd.
  9. Cheers (3/11)
  10. Lucky Louie (1/1) – Why did this one last only one season?


  1. Dragon Ball (all)
  2. Dragon Ball Z (all) – Frieza saga sucks, but the rest is very good.
  3. Dragon Ball GT (all) – Worth watching if you like the first two.
  4. Detective Academy Q (1/1) – The first anime I ever saw, the mysteries are totally amazing.
  5. Avatar: The Last Airbender (3/3) – I found this a bit cliched.
  6. South Park (14.5/14.5) – Some episodes are insanely funny, but quite a lot are bland (lots of Western cultural references).
  7. Star Trek: The Animated Series (2/2)


  1. Sherlock (1/1) – A very intriguing reboot of the old Sherlock.
  2. Sherlock Holmes (2/7) – The old series, faithful to the book as far as I have observed.
  3. Spartacus: Blood And Sand (1/1) – One of the best series in the last season. Looking forward to the next season.
  4. Star Trek: TOS (3/3) – A very good series considering it’s close to 50 years old.
  5. Star Trek: Enterprise (4/4) – I started with this series, it’s nowhere near to the others.
  6. Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (2/7) – The starting is boring, but I have been told it picks up in the 3rd season.
  7. Star Trek: The Next Generation (7/7) – The best of the canon. I wish there were more episodes.
  8. Mission Impossible (2/7)
  9. Xena: Warrior Princess (1/6)
  10. Heroes (4/4) – Only the first season is worth watching.
  11. 24 (7/8) – Started off good, but got boring and slow as it progressed.