Authorization required

What word comes to your mind when you open a session like this?


PS0: Didn’t know the music was also being recorded. But I suppose adds a nice touch. 😀

PS1: If anyone has an idea how to reset my session, it would be appreciated.

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10 comments on “Authorization required
  1. Sanrag says:

    ab itne tabs kholega to yahi hoga… and guess what… IE and chrome don’t do this 😛

  2. Kulbir Saini says:

    mozilla sucks in this case … :( ask authorization for every tab 😐

  3. Vishnu says:

    I guess you are talking about starting a firefox session with multiple saved tabs (cannot see the video for now). You can change the value of network.automatic-ntlm-auth.allow-proxies in about:config to false so that it asks you only once.

  4. Vishnu says:

    Hey my avatar is even worse than sanrag’s :-(

  5. Sanrag says:

    @vishnu I am not a comparison measure X-(

  6. Shubham says:

    Ye, this authorisation thing sucks BIG time!

  7. Prakhar says:

    @Gagan & Sanrag:
    Y not remove authorization then 😛

  8. Himank says:

    For God’s sake!! Mann.. you are the sys admin!! Pls remove this shit!! :(

  9. gaganpreet says:

    @Sanrag Both of these are not solutions for Linux 😛
    @Vishnu The next time I restart.. I’ll see.
    @Shubam, Prakhar, Himank – Not in our hands at all… though trying our best to get it done away with..

  10. Imanpreet says:

    What the heck is this?

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