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A chat transcript with an Anonymous Researcher (who insisted on being so), henceforth referred to as AR.

1:56 AM

AR: there ??

we have a small problem

me: Yeah


AR: there is a series called “The Unit”

uske seasons 2,3 and 4 hain

unfortunately season 1 nahin hai

me: ye problem hai? 😛

AR: it’s a pretty good series…

it’s a serious problem…..

for research students

you have no idea how hard it is to do research without good series to watch

me: seriously.. rofl 😛

I thought ki kuch ho gaya types 😛

AR: it’s true man

if and when you do research you will realise it..

no series => no research

me: 😛

AR: i submitted a paper to an A+ conference and it was made possible only by watching the west wing

woh bhi just the first 4 seasons

imagine if i had watched the 3 other seasons….

me: You know what.. I’ll blog about this 😛

AR: turing award winning kaam kar liya hota….


it’s a well known fact

me: I’m not arguing 😛

AR: ok