February post

I just logged into wordpress yesterday and realised it’s been a month since I blogged. And with February about to get over, I thought it would be good to have at least one post this month, however small as it may be (considering the last few posts I’ve been writing 😀 )

This happened in Parallel Programming class, Prof. Govindrajulu was calling out names of those who had not submitted the assignment. He called out this guy’s name (which I’ve again forgotten). I asked Kshitij, “He’s an M. Tech. guy, isn’t he?”. And the reply I get: No, he’s doing MS. He lives next to your room, buddy!

I was like, wtf. 😀

PS0: No, this isn’t fiction. You can ask Kshitij and confim. 😛

PS1: External hd crashed. All the movies, music and TV series lost. :(

PS2: Above that, WD site sucks like hell.

PS3: And more above that, down with a cold. :(

PS4: Bad times!

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11 comments on “February post
  1. Sunanda says:

    😛 😛 😛

  2. Vinushree says:

    When I have to ping you while sitting next to you in lab! :O :O
    One can expect this from u!! 😛

  3. Kshitij says:

    Get a life man, seriously! 😛

  4. aakanksha says:

    Not that much of a theist, but yeah-
    Jesus said- “Love thy neighbors” .
    The least you could do is, know them!! 😛 😛

  5. Srijan says:

    do not put all your eggs into one basket –> do not put all your movies, songs and shows into one HD. 😛

  6. Sanrag says:

    @aakanksha…. there is a modified version of it too… “Know the names of ur batchmates” 😛

  7. Kshitij says:


  8. aakanksha says:

    @Sanrag: I am sure you do not know all of them yourself 😛 I can bet on that 😛

  9. gaganpreet says:

    @Sunanda – 😀
    @Vinushree – How do I hear you with my headphones on? 😐
    @Kshitij – Why should I take your advice? 😛
    @aakanksha – and you don’t know whom you’ve been chatting for a year? 😛
    @Himank – Don’t tell him yaar! 😉
    @Srijan – Backup helps 😀
    @Sanrag – I try my best. But maybe they could add finger information on 158. 😛

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