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Felicity ’08

Felicity ’08 was a hell lotta fun. Enough has been blogged about it, so I’m not gonna talk about anything how good it was, what we can do next time and yada-yada. Just the pics.

(You can view the Picasa album at here and here)

Yeah, I took part in a Rangoli competition. Of course, I didn’t do anything but watch. 😀

UG3 guys at their BC++

This is what we made as Rangoli.

The group that did it (OK, you can exclude me out. 😛 )

Second day, Claytivity.

I personally think it’s more of a shipwreck than a ship. Wotsay? 😛

Vidit’s idea!

Fistful of steel!

The road to Felicity ’09 lies ahead!!!!

PS0: WordPress sucks. I wanted to embed a Picasa slideshow but it doesn’t support it ☹. Manually inserting links is tedious.

PS1: A long and hard month ahead with exams, quizzes, assignments and projects. ☹