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Accidently ate part of my CPU =S

Stumbled upon this post, it’s really hilarious.

This guy (HauntSheep), made this post that started it all ( 😀 ):

 Hey guys, i was smashing apart my old CPU because i was bored and one of the pieces went into my mouth, i was eatin a hotcross bun at the time and i swallowed it down, it was a piece from inside

Shouldnt be too harmful aye?

Was only 1-3 small pieces i ate, about 2-3mm squared


Lou =/

Reminded me of the time when I smashed my old Atari video game because it didn’t work. 😀

Some of the funny comments he got:

(Page 1)

You are officially Overclocked!!!!!

Just think, you can now process food faster!

BSOD Walking, BSOD Walking

now you can really “squeeze” out some MHZ

eat some AS5 now.

(Page 2)

Oh Dear…The puns, the puns!

Remember to inform us if you do die, you may be suitable to receive a Darwin award

(Page 4)

Pics or it didnt happen…

(Page 5)

You are the first cyborg

definitely call AMD support. Tell them the culinary experience provided was extremely sub-par, and your next chip will be intel.

(Page 6, as others were speculating he has died since he hasn’t replied for 2 weeks)

He probably had bad cooling and overheated in his sleep. RIP little overclocker.

(Page 7)

you were eating while smashing apart a CPU? What kind of monster are you??

Read the whole post for complete fun. 😛

PS: No PSes.