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Freshers ’07

This is the first cultural event that I attended from start to end ever since I joined IIIT 🙂(I am not much of a cultural guy 🙂) . Had a lot of fun there; but it’s all in the post to describe. Without any more yada-yada lemme begin:

The event began like any other thing (except classes 😀 ) in IIIT-H would – late by more than an hour (when will we people learn the value of time? 😀 ).

All the houses gave fantastic performances. Don’t know why Aakash guys took so long – 30 minutes! I suppose that counted against them in the final markings (-2 marks/extra min). Anyway, I found Aakash’s performance to be the best, but then, I am an Aakashian too 🙂. The final rankings turned out be this – First was Agni, second was a tie between Prithvi and Vayu, and fourth was, well, Aakash ☹.

After that was time for dinner! Did I forgot to mention that the NBH mess had to cater to about 1500 people. No chance of a good dinner ☹. Didn’t even get a chance to eat ice-cream ☹(still got two of the coupons with me right now though 😀 ).

Now the… ahem… the most awaited event. The Mr. and Miss Fresher finals. Four guys and gals had been selected (anyone who knows their names, please write them. I am poor at remembering names ☹) in the prelims. Anyways, congrats to whoever became Mr. and Miss Fresher 🙂.

Finally was the DJ night. The DJ team included Manish, Mukund and Abhimanyu. Wait, I am forgetting one person… yeah… me! Well, the worst thing about being a DJ is that everyone is coming up to you with some request of theirs that they think is gonna rock the planet. (Of course, it isn’t so). Though I think I did pretty well, considering it was my first time 🙂.

PS0: Happy Friendship Day to all my friends… and enemies too 😉 .

PS1: Still no WLAN. Really pissed off now 😡 .

PS2: Aakash was completely pwned. First last year to last this year.

PS3: Felicity website work has begun 😀 .

PS4: One thing that I didn’t like at all about Freshers . When the PG Freshers final were being done people were behaving like crazy. Come on guys, after all we all are IIIT’ians.

PS5: I hope the post wasn’t sort of like writing a summary. I tried my best not to do so; but still I know it sounded a lot like that ☹.

PS6: ITWS project, Felicity website, MidSems – 1, OS Assignment. I’m gonna die!

PS7: Finally completed reading HP7 on the 2nd. Delayed due to OS assignment 🙂.

PS8: Happened to see the UG-1 workspace computers today. AMD x64 2.0GHz Dual Core, 512 MB RAM, 80GB harddisk and a 256 MB N-Vidia gfx card. :O :O :O

PS9: Yay! 10 PS’es.``