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Rains are here!

While I was wondering how in hell could the first floor be seeping

Roof is seeping

Ejaz gets to business of clearing the water that is entering his room from the ‘space’ beneath the door.


And Tanmay lends a helping hand.


I, as usual, have some fun and post these pics on my blog 🙂.

Welcome to the new hostel guys!

PS0: No WLAN in new hostel. The server room guys are saying that it would take at least a month after the work begins. I wonder if it will even begin this sem. Life sucks 😡 .

PS1: The mosquitoes make it even worse ☹.

PS2: New sem has begun and its mostly one or two classes per day 🙂

PS3: Got my laptops RAM upgraded to 1GB.

PS4: Down with a cold ☹.