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Pissed off at IIIT admn

Ya, ya.. Everyone is pissed off at the IIIT guys and why shouldn’t we be? The living facilities at our institute are probably the worst considering the standard of our institute. The poor state of the canteen, single rooms allotted as double occupancy, the worst computing facilities I’ve seen (Pentium III’s!) are just a few things that I’ve been pissed at for now.

So now when the new OBH extension was constructed, all of us at least hoped to get decent rooms to live in. What now, you may ask? Here’s the mail by Shubam Gautam:

All the students who were in NBH & GHEB will not be shifted to OBH-D block and will

continue to stay in their old room with same room partners.

Those who had already been shifted to OBH-D block will shift back to NBH & GHEB.(in

next sem then freshers and we will be living in NBH & GHEB together.This arrangement

is likely to be in place till Dec. Jan.)

PS:the OBH-D block will be occupied by the GURUKULAM students.


What the hell is this Gurukulam thing anyway? OK then, leaving this fact consider the rent. Last year it was Rs 3825 per person and this year for UG-2 (us now) they have increased it to Rs 6450. Nearly double. What for is what I would like to know?

I say, enough has been taken remaining down. If you are UG2k6, come on let us show them what we are made of. (This is getting senti now 😀 ). But if you are with me, please let me know.

PS: I was really angry while writing this. So, some cheering up 😀 .

UPDATE:  Looks like we didn’t have to do anything after all. We will be getting the new rooms. Hurray!