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Blah, blah, blah…..

Well, I haven’t blogged in quite a while now. Been quite busy in the past few days due to exams and then the project. Actually not much busy with the project but the past few days after the exams have just flown away. Gaming, gaming and more gaming. And I am discovering the disadvantage of not having a graphics card ☹. Lots of games don’t even run, talk about crappy performances ☹. I am thinking of buying a desktop too; won’t cost more than 30,000 bucks 😀 .

A friend told me that DBZ is finally starting on Cartoon Network (again). I hope that this time they do not stop the series mid-way like they have done three times in the past. But anyways I have watched the whole series now, though it would have had been much more fun watching it on tv ☹. But if they are gonna dub it in Hindi, as they will, it is seriously not worth watching. (The series is starting from 30th April, btw).

OTOH, the last sem was a complete failure. Barely learnt anything. The worst subject was EC (Elec. Circuits); never known a worse subject before. Human values rocked, btw. Our teacher was Kannan Srinathan. That dude really rocks.

There is a book-reading assignment that we are supposed to do over the holidays. I don’t mind doing it, but 10 books seems a bit too much to me ☹. Also, I heard that next sem we are going to have two more courses than there were last year. Another sem of slogging!

PS: Ya, I’m a bit frustrated.

PS2: I want a graphics card.

PS3: Bye

PS4: Stop reading


PS6: Segmentation fault.

PS7: OK. Seriously, bye.