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Freedom…. from exams

Boy, do I hate exams. They mess up all your normal routine (sleeping in the class and staying awake the whole night 😀 ). But now they are over it is time to switch back to that routine.

Lately, I have been trying some way to get my torrents running. But the default server has nearly *all* the ports blocked. After some research, I found a few hidden proxy servers (I am calling them hidden, because I did not know about them and maybe even you don’t know. In any case I am not telling what were they. 😉 ). But the problem with them is the same – blocked ports.

The thing I hate is that nearly everything is blocked. I can’t even use GAIM when I am on Linux (and I am always using Linux). I hate using meebo or ebuddy; I like a seperate messenger. Well, some of these days I am gonna find some trick and …. ummmm…… whatever.

Talking about security and stuff, there is really serious flaw in the ISAS portal (I don’t know what the full form of ISAS is, but it is a place where we choose our courses and get our grades). Using elinks I can open up anyone’s account and if I want I can also change his courses during registration time. Enemies, beware!