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The standard of teaching

Yesterday, we had our second ITWS (IT WorkShop) teacher teaching us for the first time. His part is to teach us Advanced Bash scripting.

As he entered the class, he moved towards the PC kept there and booted to Linux (Red Hat 9). The first thing he did was that he plugged in his flash drive and waited for the device to mount. But in those old days of Red Hat one had to manually mount the drive. The poor guy did not even know about the mount command and it was I who had to hop down there and help him out.

Now here are a few of his “anecdotes”.

” Operating System (he was telling us about the history of UNIX) is the life of a computer. Without it a computer is dead.”

“…. Do you see the cursor that is blinking? …. ”

“UNIX was developed in 1973” (It is 1969 actually, maybe he should have read the text more carefully)

Well, seeing the way he teaches, I would prefer not to attend his classes; I can learn more that way.