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openSuSE 10.2

Well, it is a great distro I got my hands on a month ago, and as far I have seen it is quite good considering the fact that it was not a full release.  It was pity that I had to disable the xgl effects (they looked really cool) because it slogged the processor and even watching a video was a difficult experience (though it might be because of the fact that it is still in experimental stage; maybe things will improve as it becomes stable).

Setting up wireless:

openSuSE 10.2 comes with ipw3945 and ipw-firmware packages. So there is no need to run around finding the drivers. But my Thinkpad has Atheros chipset, so I had to install the madwifi drivers. It was not difficult at all.

I also set up Dell wireless on one of my friends laptop. Once you install ndiswrapper (it’s in CD 1), just go the directory where the drivers for wireless in MS Windows are extracted and give ndiswrapper -i bcmwl5.inf . Then do ndiswrapper -m and then modprobe ndiswrapper and reboot. lo! The device will be detected and you are ready to go.

The next thing I needed was the mp3 support. Adding as a source to YaST does the trick. For NVidia cards is the source to be added.

The thing about openSuSE is that everything I need is already included with the CD’s. Acrobat Reader, Flash plugins, lots and lots of games (some good ones too) and even wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) is included. After all those incentives, I think it is finally a time for me to say goodbye to Windows and in effect also to software piracy…