A price tracker for Flipkart. Watch price history or track prices of products and Fliprabbit will email when price falls below desired value. Inspired by camelcamelcamel.

HN Hiring Mapped

Maps the monthly "Who is Hiring" (posted on 1st of every month) HN thread by guessing the location from the posts in the thread. Has some filters for convenience.

KWallet dump

A script to read KWallet files to access passwords away from desktop. I also wrote a blog post about security deficiencies of KWallet.

IIIT Blogroll

A blog aggregator built on Bootstrap and Simplepie. It uses flat files and fetches feeds every hour and provides an aggregated feed for consumption.

Pacman in Assembly

A simplified clone of pacman written in assembly. 482 bytes overall (30 bytes short of the size limit of an MBR). There are no ghosts, no levels but there's only so much you can do in 512 bytes.

Video characterization [PDF]

My work on video characterization - data mining applied directly to video data instead of associated metadata. It was used to predict the genre of an unknown movie which gave an accuracy of about 80%.

Other: My dotfiles, source for this site, and two plugins I have written for DuckDuckGo. Or, all my Github repositories.