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Kulbir needs an intervention

Do you know that his videocache plugin caches only one version of the youtube video? That means if someone has seen a low quality version and they want to see the higher quality version – they can’t. We (I, Rishabh

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How to piss off a MS fanboy

Situation: Me and the MS fanboy were chatting about some random stuff and as usual were not in agreement. MS Fanboy: Sucker ! me: Sure Whatever gives you pleasure MS Fanboy: Right now…closing this chat window me: Be my guest

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Robot form submission – Part 2

Register your courses while you sleep.

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Wireless drivers

Q: Why do some people get mad while installing wireless drivers? Ans: Because they use Atheros chipsets and have to install madwifi. Courtesy: The one who pwns Santa.

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How do I know I’m not living in The Matrix?

I had the same status message on GTalk for the last two days (stuck on some song). I was thinking of a new one to keep and I remembered this Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon asks the same question

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