How To: Using CoreAVC on Linux for fast HD video playback

CoreAVC is a fast proprietary codec for decoding H.264/AVC video. It enables low-end systems to play videos without any lag, present in other decoders.

Step 1: Preparing for installation

    1. First of all, remove any existing MPlayer installations. On OpenSuSE this can be done by:

zypper rm MPlayer

  1. Next, install the dependencies for MPlayer by

    zypper si -d MPlayer

  2. Install wine

    zypper in wine

Step 2: Install dshowserver

  1. Install CoreAVC. You will need a licensed copy to get beyond this step.

    wine CoreAVC-Setup.exe

  2. Download the source:

    svn co coreavc-for-linux
    cd coreavc-for-linux/dshowserver

  3. Compile and install:

    make && make install
    sudo cp “$HOME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/CoreCodec/CoreAVC Professional Edition/” /usr/local/share/dshowserver

  4. Verify whether dshowserver is installed correctly

    dshowserver -c

    should show something like:

    Starting wine
    No id specified, assuming test mode
    Using default width for 1280
    Using default height for 720
    Using default fourcc for 0x34363248
    Using default outfmt for 0x30323449
    Using default outbit for 12
    Using default GUID for 09571a4b-f1fe-4c60-9760de6d310c7c31
    Opening device (port is 0)
    len: 992
    ProductVersion: 2.0.0
    fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (0x8c): stub
    fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (0x90): stub
    Decoder supports the following YUV formats: YUY2 UYVY YV12 I420
    Decoder is capable of YUV output (flags 0x2b)
    Setting fmt
    Initialization is complete

Step 3: Install Mplayer

  1. Download the source:

    cd ..
    tar xvjf mplayer-checkout-snapshot.tar.bz2
    cd mplayer-export-*

  2. Patch the source:

    patch -p0 < ./mplayer/dshowserver.patch

  3. Compile and install. Grab a cup of coffee while it compiles, it takes a few minutes.

    ./configure && make && sudo make install

Step 4: Final steps

Copy this codecs.conf to your $HOME/.mplayer/ directory.

Test out playback with

mplayer -vc coreserve

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